Can I apply directly to American Transit for insurance?
A. No, American Transit relies on it’s extensive group of approved brokers throughout New York State. Click on the link below to find a broker near you!

I would like to purchase a new vehicle, how will this affect my insurance?
A. Depending on the line of business and the current classification of your policy, if the vehicle is a newer model, you may qualify for a reduction in premium. Please contact your broker for more information.

What is endorsement?
An endorsement is an amendment to your policy written especially to cover unique items just for you. It is also a change to your policy made during the policy term. An endorsement modifies the original terms of your contract.

Claims – BI/PD

Is there a time limit to transact my claim check from American Transit?
Yes, you have 180 days from the date of issuance to transact the claim check.

How long will my claim take to process?
Every claim is unique, our experienced claim professionals will do their best to get your claim resolved efficiently

How do I rent a car while my vehicle is being repaired?
Obtaining the rental is your responsibility, American Transit does not accept direct billing. We will reimburse you $28.00 per day based on the repair time indicated on OUR estimate.

What if my vehicle repairs cost more than the estimate?
Your body shop will need to work directly with American Transit’s in-house appraiser to address any additional loss-related damages.

I reported the accident and have a claim number, now what?
Complete a Form 5 claim form. We will schedule an appointment for an inspection, once the claim inspection is complete and all documents (Form 5, Estimate, Insured’s MV104, and Police Report) are received, your claim will be reviewed by an Examiner and decision will be mailed to you in within 10 business days.

When will I get my settlement check?
If you receive an offer and release form from American Transit , payment will be issued 5 business days from receipt of the signed notarized release form.

Claims – N/F

Is there a time limit to transact my claim check from American Transit?
Yes, you have 180 days from the date of issuance to transact the claim check.

What benefits are available under the No-Fault portion of the insurance policy?
The policy provides coverage for medical expenses, work loss, death benefits and other covered expenses.

What is a covered medical expense?
A covered medical expense are necessary medical, hospital, surgical, nursing, dental, ambulance, x-ray, prescription drug, prosthetic services, psychiatric, physical and occupational therapy and rehabilitation, remedial care and treatment rendered in accordance with a religious method of healing recognized by the laws of New York and any other professional health services.

Is there a maximum to the amount recoverable as a work loss?
Yes, The maximum is $2,000.00 per month for 36 months.

How quickly must I submit my claim after No-Fault services are provided?
Claims must be submitted within 45 days of service.

I received a notice from American Transit requesting additional information on my claim, must I comply?
Yes, you have 30 days to submit the requested information./su_spoiler]

I received a request from American Transit Insurance that I attend an Independent Medical Examination (IME), am I required to attend?
Yes, You are required to submit to medical examination by physicians selected by or acceptable to American Transit.

I received notice from American Transit requesting that I attend an Examination Under Oath (EUO), am I required to attend?
Yes, Upon request by American Transit, the eligible person or that person’s assignee or representative shall submit to examinations under oath by any persons named by American Transit Insurance Company.

Customer Service

How do I report an accident or file a claim with American Transit Insurance Company?
The best way is to call 800-683-ATIC (2842) extension 455. Please have the following information to expedite this process: Insured name, driver, policy number. Please be prepared to mail (1 Metrotech Center North, Brooklyn, NY 11201), email (firstreports@american-transit.com) or fax (212-857-8254) any accident reports and/or photographs to ATIC.


Who should I contact if I want to report or suspect insurance fraud?
Please contact Gary Anderson at 212-857-8200 extension 769

Business Development

How do I become an approved American Transit broker?
For more information on becoming an American Transit Insurance Company approved broker please contact the Business Development Group at businessdevelopmentgroup@american-transit.com.

How do I request system and underwriting training for American Transit's products?
The Business Development Group offers extensive training and support services to brokers as needed. For more information please contact us at businessdevelopmentgroup@american-transit.com.

Does American Transit Insurance Company offer Garage and Dealership insurance policies?
Yes, for more information please contact your authorized American Transit broker.

Cash and Collections

What forms of payment will American Transit accept?
Generally payments is made through the broker but American Transit accepts checks and in some instances it will accept ACH payments. Cash IS NEVER accepted at any American Transit office.
Can I send in partial payment to satisfy a cancellation notice?
The notice of cancellation must be paid in full to avoid the cancellation of the policy.

Is there a grace period after the due date listed on my bill?
No there is no grace period, once a payment is late it will begin the process of cancellation for non-payment.


Are there available employment opportunities at American Transit and if so, how do I apply?
We currently do not post job openings online but we do accept resumes and cover letters at careers@american-transit.com.

Contact Us

What is the best way to contact American Transit?
There are a number of different ways to contact American Transit -
Phone – 212-857-8200 or 800-683-ATIC
Mail – 1 Metrotech Center North, 7th Floor, Brooklyn, NY 11201
Website – please see the “Contact Us” page for email listings by department