In case of an accident:

Stay Calm - If possible and safe to do so take photographs of the accident scene and damage to the vehicles using a disposable camera or a cell phone camera.

Safety First - If a minor accident with no life-threatening injuries move vehicles to the side of the road and out of the way of traffic.

Exchange Information - the name, address of both the driver and owner in addition to driver’s license and insurance information of the vehicles involved.

Call the Police - call the Police and if necessary Emergency Medical Services.Image

Identify Witnesses - obtain the name, address and phone number of any witnesses to the accident.

Identify Passengers - How many passengers are in your car at the time of the accident?

Discuss with Police - discuss the facts of the accident with the police -- provide only the facts.

Report the Accident to American Transit Insurance Company or your Producer- as soon as possible to American Transit Insurance Company by calling (800) 683-ATIC x. 455.

Obtain the Police Report - as soon as possible visit the relevant precinct and obtain a copy of the filed Police Accident Report and forward same to ATIC.

File an MV-104 - In New York State you must file an MV-104 with the DMV within 10 days of the accident if it resulted in a fatality, personal injury or damage over $1,000 to the property of any one person.


How it affects you?

Every person who receives money for a fraudulent claim, raises your premium.

Every lawyer, doctor, or other medical provider who receives money for a fraudulent claim, raises your premium.

The time taken to answer fraudulent claims lengthens the time to answer your claims.

Fire, police, and medical personnel expend time and resources on fraudulent claimants that should be time protecting and caring for you.

What can you do?

Insurance Fraud is DISHONEST; Insurance Fraud is a CRIME.

You should report all instances of suspected fraud to the New York State Insurance Frauds Bureau at 888-FRAUD-NY or 888-372-8369